K-3 Course Offered & Cost

Home School group costs differ according to the course/s offered. See current classes offered below. 

What is Small Group Learning? In this format we hire talented, out of the box teachers, in a variety of subjects with a low Teacher to student ratio of 1:6. The concept of Small Group Learning is to offer students the benefits of learning with peers without compromising individualized attention.  Our programs allow real student-teacher access by limiting the number of participants to a manageable and more personal number. Classes are always followed by supervised playtime to help our students connect. 

Speech and Debate: (January 2016) $120/5 sessions

For this upcoming January, we will be hosting a 45 minutes Speech and Debate class followed by a 30 minute, supervised playtime in our awesome playground. Five sessions are for $120. Each session represents a proficiency level as we have Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced within each grade level cluster. The grade level cluster we are currently catering to is 1st through 3rd grade. We are vendors for Visions in Education and are in the process of becoming vendors for Connecting Waters and hopefully more soon. 

This course's instructor has over 5 years experience teaching this class in a variety of schools and centers across the Bay Area. 

Course Description

Children and adults alike are presenting and publicly speaking every day whether they realize it or not. These skills should be incorporated into your child's "toolbox of life" at an early age so they come naturally. Developing the power of persuasion, a stage presence and having powerful, positive body language will be used throughout your your child's life from making friends, having a positive family life, negotiating salaries and everything in-between. Incorporating the skill of exuding confidence early in one's life is a necessity in today's world. Join us in learning these skills, as well as debating age appropriate topics, and personality and social skills development. This is a 3 level course that will enrich your child's life forever. 

Coming Soon: Montessori Math (Grade 1-3) January 2016