Home Schooling/Unschooling for Grades K-3

At Sinai Sun Academy we believe in the importance of core learning and enrichment delivered and explored in small groups. We believe that a curriculum should be an amalgam  of the unique learning goals and learning skills of a manageable number of learners. 


Our study groups bring together an intimate circle of 6 to 8 learners to ensure that each learner gets the attention and guidance of a qualified instructor in an environment that welcomes student participation and involvement in the learning process. 


Inspired by homeschooling parents who decided to homeschool beyond preschool, we have hired a team of teachers to guide small groups though the homeschooling process. 


The curriculum is highly tailored for the needs of each group and reaches out to utilize various approaches and areas of focus. We incorporate STEM education as well as Montessori methodologies and Singapore math. Generally we believe in maintaining an innovative and  open curriculum led by passionate teacher/guides. 


We are vendors for Visions in Education and are in the process of becoming vendors to Connecting Waters


Please call us for more information about our programs or fill out an Enrollment Interest Form to schedule a visit.