Do You Want to be a Lead Parent in a Hybrid - Montessori Home School Program?

Many families are looking to be more active in their children's education without their children missing out on peer learning opportunities and social experience. Montessori is a positive and attractive addition to any home that offers enrichment to toddlers, and preschool aged children. Call us for details on how to become a Sinai Sun Home-Based program at: (925)888-9314

The Process

California has specific laws for working with children even if you are a co-op or a group of mothers working with your own children. If children will be left in the care of alternating mothers in the group on a regular basis, and/or not all parents are present with their children at all times, a basic licensing process of the home used for the program is a must. We can provide you with a complete licensing and set up package that will have you up and running. We can also provide referrals to your program to mothers who are looking for spots in your area. We can help you build a group even if you do not have one.


We will also provide the curriculum itself throughout the academic school year and oversee the assessment and curriculum design tailored to the specific children in your group. 

Call us for more details at: (925) 888-9314