Small Group Home Schooling & Home Study Solutions

A Homeschooling Model for Preschool through First Grade


Many Families are unhappy with the current Preschool Center educational model for children ages 2 through 5. Concerns vary from, "Is my child getting enough supervision/attention/care from his teacher with such high student to teacher ratios?" to "How can he get the enrichment and social interaction he/she needs without being exposed to such a large social setting?".The existing alternative of Home School Day Cares & After School Programs may not offer the structured/academic environment that they are striving for either.


The Sinai Sun Academy program model was developed to help direct families towards, preschool and kindergarten age home study groups, of 4 to 6 children, in their area and/or help train parents to adequately start their own model. 


Small Group Home Study Programs are funded by parents,  without the obligations of a Co-Op set up where the parent has to volunteer as a teacher. This model also ensures that only qualified teachers lead study groups (as opposed to parents) and that they are paid well to do their jobs to the highest of their abilities. Think of it as a Preschool or Kindergarten Teacher share program where a group of parents collectively pay for tutoring sessions from teachers in a designated home with a classroom set up.


We are based in East Bay California and have existing programs in Pleasanton and are developing more in Livermore and Dublin. Homes that agree to host study groups are required to have the home classroom licensed which covers the location's safety procedures and ensures that employed teachers undergo the required background checks and have current CPR certification. 

Parents may choose to be part of the child's day and his/her learning program but also have the option to not be present and allow the child to learn independently. 

Our Home Schooling Model 

Our home-schooling model offers a warm and inviting hybrid-Montessori environment for parents seeking 3 hour, preschool enrichment  classes. [Call us for information about extended program models] We believe that children ages 2 through 5 years of age learn better within a smaller student to teacher ratio. At this critical stage of their development our children are placed in groups of 4 to 6 children with two "guides" or educators offering both the academic and emotional input needed at this age. We are also offering a unique and exciting "Mommy and Me" educational curriculum for parents interested in being involved in their child's learning or for those who simply wish to peacefully transition their child into independent learning. 


Now Also Offering After-School Home Study Groups for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten age children. These programs are for families with children enrolled in the public school system or who are homeschooling their children,  seeking supplemental Kindergarten level Montessori enrichment material (highly recommended for preliminary mathematics and early reading skills) in a smaller group environment to optimize future academic success. 


We are now starting enrollment for possible openings in programs in Pleasanton for the months of April/May  and for the upcoming academic year. We are the ONLY program model being offered in the Bay Area with a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. Our typical group study size is 4 to 6 children and we have two teachers/guides in each program. If you are interested in our programs, schedule a visit by clicking on the link below to see if you would like to book a spot :)

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